I just launched my first set of Notion templates that help iron out the wrinkles in information architecture for Gig Economy workers.
These 10 templates are dedicated dashboards for contract or seasonal work, side hustles or dreams you want to make real.
This is series is designed to offer users a secure foundation to launch from, with a little space to grow into.
You can let us know if we are meeting this goal by reaching out to anytime.



I build resilience from lessons I learn on my motorbike adventures.
l aim to live a life where I can be fiercely independent and ruthlessly empathetic.
I bootstrap my business by participating in seasonal work.
I am currently enrolled in Marie Poulin’s Notion Mastery course and Molly Jones’ Notion Consultant course. These courses will prepare me to complete Notion’s certification program. I am on track to becoming a Notion Certified Consultant.
Find my Notion templates on Gumroad.


Hire me for a customization of a current Notion workspace or creation of a brand new Notion workspace. Coming Soon.


Hire me to create a bespoke Notion system for your business and train your team for the perfect integration. Coming Soon.

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