What is a shared shift?

The name of my company is inspired by the makers, creatives, athletes, farmers, techies, herbalists and artists I continually find myself surrounded by. I’m born in the late 80’s so there’s no hiding the fact that I am a Millennial. It’s no secret that my peers and I are gravitating towards different kinds of work. Or when we do land a traditional 9-5, we bring a different set of values with us. We can’t help but want to change the world.


In university, I was a hypersensitive activist (never arrested, just detained) but since graduating and moving to the mountains of Nelson, B.C. I have relaxed my ideologies. Burning down the traditional pillars of society is nihilistic. Instead, a shift in consciousness can lead to positive change without destroying lives.


Our economy is based on capitalism, which is often a dirty word amongst young liberals. But I think there is a way to engage in work without being crippled by the ideas of corporate greed, gender pay gaps, financial disparity and the degradation of the environment. Some say zebras rather than unicorns are needed. Some are saying community over competition. Reevaluating our idea of success can lead to healthier work cultures. Healthy work cultures may eventually take on the aforementioned issues constructively.


I see shared shifts happening everyday. Like when we are aware of where our food comes from and how it was treated. When we become more tolerant of a spectrum of gender identities, when we broaden our ideas of what is a drug and where we get our medicine, when we converse about how to decentralize the power of technology, when we hone a craft and honor other’s creative expressions.


Shared shifts are the mark of the Millennial.


It’s also just a phase I came up with in a hypnagogic state once.


At Shared Shift Communications, my primary focus is to create manuals, for internal training and external education, to detail the processes and instructions of companies that embrace creativity, transparency and respect.

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