Phase 5

Organization Behaviour for the Right Brained

5. Enjoy it


You are going to succeed. If you believe in your craft and continue learning, growing and persisting, you will succeed. When other people see you winning, they will want a piece of it. If you’re smart, you’ll skirt the traps of sinking money in flashy widgets and (mis) aligning with snakes.


One way to direct a newfound abundance is to invest it in sound training manuals for your team. If you keep things going the way they are because your helpers are your friends and it’s easy (everyone gets to hang out together, it’s not so bad), you’ll burn people out and won’t retain the good ones for long. Giving back directly to the community that makes your business happen, i.e. new staff or suppliers, sets you up for a healthy, balanced work culture.


Training manuals will earn you points for transparency by detailing the flow of your process and keeping everyone on the same page. They become resources for quick reference, a playbook of what mistakes not to repeat and what works well. Resource 5 write to me, we can chat about what one of my holistic training manuals might look like for you.