Phase 4

Organization Behaviour for the Right Brained

4. Maintain it


Life is speeding up all the time. But it’s still important to track the movements of your craft turned business; record keeping is so important. There are apps and programs that promise to help track your receipts and invoices but again, learning new software can be daunting (and where are they storing that data?!).


At the end of the day, you probably aren’t going to a good job at tracking and archiving your important info and then use it to complete your taxes on your own. But there are steps you can take so others (bookkeepers, assistants, interns, etc.), can help you realize those goals more efficiently.


The middle ground between Quickbooks and a box-of-special-things is a well kept Resource 4a Excel spreadsheet and file box. You may need a bookkeeper to go over how to use the Excel spreadsheet and how all the columns relate to your business. The file box is a place to store all receipts and invoices.


To start with the file box, you will need 1 filing box, 15+ hanging files and file labels, 10+ file folders and two strips of duct tape the length of the box. Assemble the box and stick the strips of duct tape along the long edges so that when you place the hanging files inside, they can move more easily. Title the first 12 hanging files the months of the year. Use these to hold all your receipts and invoices for the corresponding month. Label the other 3 files something like House, Vehicle and Medical. Use the file folders to separate the different areas of responsibility, for example – Electricity, Internet, Hydro, Rent in House; Gas and Maintenance in Vehicle; Prescriptions and Massage in Medical. Filing systems are subjective and this a basic way to organize the paper trail that makes up the narrative of your business, you can certainly personalize as it as the process becomes more familiar.


If you want to simply wrap your head around how to save and spend money, I highly recommend Resource 4b this podcast and Resource 4c this book they reference.