Phase 3

Organization Behaviour for the Right Brained

3. Promote it


The possibilities for promotion are pretty much endless these days. If you want to put your money towards advertising, your options for ad placement are pretty much Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Figure how much money you can spend and map out the seasons of your business in a calendar ASAP. Mapping out the ‘seasons’ of your business can help you stretch your budget for promotion. Maybe your seasons follow the natural seasons of spring, summer, autumn, winter. Maybe they align more with your production schedule. Maybe they’re influenced by holiday seasons.


I find if you don’t do this you’ll be chasing the Jones’ and doing what everyone else is doing when they do it. Figure out early what platform works for your brand. Maybe you hold out on most social to pay for a print ad. Maybe you hit Instagram heavy by changing up your ad every week. This will be dictated by where your clients hang out (and your budget). Who are your ideal clients?


One of the pains of participating on social is you don’t own your content or the data associated with the people who interact with your content. To combat this, I find email newsletters can be empowering tools. They allow you to connect with your fans/clients directly while retaining ownership of content and data. One strategy is to use email newsletters to summarize the content you put out in other places to further discern what your broader audience responds to.


Mail Chimp is a popular email newsletter platform but Gmail will often redirect these emails into the promotion tab. Also, if learning new software seems daunting, try Resources 3a Mad Mimi or Tiny Letter. Their features are much more paired down and will often land in a recipient’s primary inbox. If you’re struggling to create beautiful content, there is a whole world of stock photography. I really like Resource 3b Unsplash.