Phase 2

Organization Behaviour for the Right Brained

2. Contribute it


So you know what your craft is but do you know where you’re going to contribute that craft? Say you’re a painter, clothing designer, jewelry maker, etc. Where are you going to sell your work? Instagram? Etsy? Your website? Retail stores? Markets? Choose a mode that fits with your lifestyle. If you’re living rurally, try focusing on online outlets. If you live in an urban environment, try teaming up with stores that fit your vibe.


Write down your goals. Be sure about what you’re going after. Do you want to be in 1 new store a month for the next year? Do you want to have an e-commerce platform integrated into your website in the next week?


If you’re not accustomed to sitting down to write, it can be challenging. It can be helpful to write with background noise but music, especially with lyrics, can be distracting. Try Resource 2 Noisli.