Phase 1

Organization Behaviour for the Right Brained

1. Know it


Know your creative outlet, deeply.

Side Note: Many of us get to know our creative outlet with the help of drugs – namely marijuana and psychedelics. Maybe you’re really in tune with these medicines. If this is where you’re at, channel it! Apply here to write about your experiences for or sign up to participate in the Beckley Foundation’s microdosing study here.

There is a timeless correlation between artists and drugs that I don’t think should be ignored or condemned. These lists are all about doing what you’re going to do, with purpose. Other ways folks get to know their creativity is through meditation or a regular exercise regime. If none of these outlets sound like you, you could try writing it out with Resource 1 Self Authoring.

Use the knowledge you garner about yourself to write a manifesto that will help guide your creative endeavor.