Organization for the Right Brained

A five phase workshop

I was invited to host a workshop at Few Norms this past August called “Organization Behavior for the Right Brained”. I based it on my years of experience as an executive assistant. If you’re a creative type with your craft at the heart of your business (jewelry makers, event planners, clothing designers, film producers, etc.), this is my advice for staying on track.


I structured said advice as a list of five phases as well as five plus resources that can help in each phase. They are meant to bring awareness to where you’re at, so it’s easier for you to ask for assistance.


It is possible to be creative and run an organized business!


Check out the subsequent posts (Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, Phase 5) for the organization nectar of your right-brained dreams and as always, you can email me with suggestions for other resources that have helped you or for the corresponding workbook at


With love for the place beyond the start up,