What do you mean, 'manual'?

“A bench full of star players does not automatically produce a winning team. Relationships define our collective potential.”   Aaron Dignan

Manuals are just that, the old fashioned way of putting your thoughts on paper. But manuals prepared at Shared Shift have a modern twist.


Whether you are a solopreneur who needs to communicate their business structure to a few subcontractors or a boss organizing various tiers of managers and workers, I can help create a clear training system.


The modern twist? My manuals are delivered in the handiest booklet (no more bulky corporate binders!) and encourage honesty, transparency and respect amongst your team members. This method aims to provoke collaborative thought, flatten traditional hierarchies and lead to healthier, happier workplaces.


Check out some of my past projects below.

Downtown Automotive

training manuals for new staff

This onboarding manual is for an automotive repair shop. It documents answers to typical new employee anxieties, like “where do I park?”, “where can I smoke?”, “what do I wear to work?” or “what does a typical day look like?”. Sharing this admin info creates a transparent work environment where the expectations are laid out the same way to all new employees. There is also a back pocket with two different inserts that will capture the new employee’s info for two different departments – finance and management.

Smooth Moves Smoothie Company

training manuals for seasonal staff

This training manual is for a seasonal food truck. The owner hires new staff each summer to help with multiple events – the positions stay the same but the environment changes. This manual helps keep the training consistent and efficient. The new hirers will get a PDF emailed to them in advance, then there is a physical one onboard the truck for reference. The manual covers the basics so the owner doesn’t need to be around 24 hours a day to answer questions or troubleshoot.

K Perry Media Inc. | Ryan Flett Media

reference manuals for virtual assistants

In my experience, a virtual assistant is always learning and adapting to new processes and situations. That’s why these manuals are not structured for “training” but for reference. Virtual assistants help keep things running smooth on the backend and tie up loose ends, which isn’t difficult but there are a lot of details to remember. A reference manual is there to jog your memory when you have to process a refund or onboard a new client while working remotely.

Black Sheep Restaurant Group

training manuals for restaurant staff

This set of manuals were created for an ambitious restaurateur who owns three restaurants with plans for more. It starts with the onboarding manual which covers basic company information, i.e. parking, breaks, how to track hours and get paid, the Black Sheep family culture, etc. Each restaurant also has a front of house (FOH) and back of house (BOH) manual with their individual flairs. Each FOH and BOH manual covers the restaurants’ unique nuances and detail how all FOH positions work together and how all BOH positions work together to ultimately keep the food and drink service running smoothly.

Kamp Festival

training manuals for festival team leaders

These manuals were given to 16 festival team leaders, from stage directors to the vendor coordinator. Each manual relayed the basic festival wide Do’s and Don’ts and included different sections to fill in depending on the level of responsibility tied to the position. Upon completion of the festival weekend each manual was to be handed back to the executive producer. The returned manuals gave a snapshot of each department, complete with timelines, team numbers and menu items, neatly archived.

Flux and Stone

training manuals for retail help

Flux and Stone is a jewelry brand with seasonal pop up booths and a permanent storefront. These training manuals are for the retail staff and give a clear outline of their day-to-day tasks. Each manual includes inserts to help ensure training is consistent, including an orientation checklist, contact list, birthstone quick reference table and inventory guide.

The Sugar Shack

an educational manual

This manual teaches someone how to become a professional body sugar practitioner. It has seven modules that cover topics like the importance of a professional and caring attitude, health and safety for the practitioner and client and of course detailed instructions on how to manipulate the sugar paste on each part of the body, complete with diagrams. It is unique in that it offers a lot of practical advice that is often missed in traditional courses.

Kootenai Pilates Center

a subcontractor manual

This manual is another reference manual for Pilates practitioners who work in the same studio but always at staggered times. This manual offers basic health and safety information and other resources to ensure the vibe of the studio stays consistent amongst the bustle.

West Arm Silviculture Inc.

manuals for an established company looking to expand

This silviculture company wants to be able to offer more year long work to its employees. As a result, they needed to revamp their training material to make sure they are growing with a strong foundation. I created an onboarding manual which details basic company culture as well as a clear, digestible occupational health and safety manual, necessary for all trucks.

Sweetgrass Cannabis

manuals for a start up

Sweetgrass Cannabis is at the forefront of a burgeoning industry. This undertaking is still in process but so far we have completed an occupational health and safety manual, following AG Safe and WorkSafeBC regulations and a maintenance of organic integrity manual following regulations from the Fraser Valley Organic Producer’s Association. Currently we are preparing a series of production manuals, for each stage of growing, following the regulations set by Health Canada.