What does Shared Shift do?

At Shared Shift Communications, my primary focus is to create manuals for internal training and external education. SSC manuals detail the processes and instructions of companies who embrace creativity, transparency and respect.


I believe in meaningful work. Meaning in any job occurs at the crossroads of instruction and freedom. I think training manuals can help creative entrepreneurs and small business owners strike this balance with their employees.


By having a manual outline the underpinnings of your company or project, you build a foundation of unity amongst your team. Even if those team members change often, a manual makes covering the basics easy and consistent.


I believe in transparent media. If you are in a burgeoning industry, a manual is a way for you to connect with potential clients before they download your app or sign up for your email newsletter. The tactile information piece can help a potential client get a feel for how your creative endeavor will impact him or her.


I take the big picture into consideration for all projects. What do the existing patterns of your company point too? A manual to cover a position, process or project at large for internal purposes; or how you work and your inspiration for external broadcast; or commemorative pieces for the archives?


I’ll include unique elements to round out the conventional edges. Like your social handles to give your employees the option to jump in the conversation from the minute they start and a progress checklist to be used when employees are learning the ropes. My favourite part is writing a custom manifesto to help different learning styles connect to your vision.


More than manuals, my products become communication and reference tools. You can think of them as a personal assistant in your back pocket that keeps you on track or a field guide for others to navigate various aspects of your company.