What Joe Rogan is trying to say is dignity needs to be restored to the average job, especially those typically occupied by young people. In a world where money talks, even a living wage doesn’t incur societal respect. Even $15 an hour won’t give you stability, so you better also be making money on Instagram, set up a passive income stream, have a partner with a slightly better job, have 1-2 other jobs, have a wealthy family, be thrifty, steal, sell drugs, find a loophole.


With those pressures, it’s hard for workers to dedicate their attention to teaching themselves their new position. Leaving your new employee to fend for them self after maybe being told something once but without a point of easy reference, will lead to hiccups down your chain of production/communication/service.


Eliminate the guessing game of “Where do I go? Who do I ask? What do I do now?”


Introduce a training manual they can relate to, from the beginning. Helping de-clutter the frenetic mental energy of your workers, while on the job, will improve the manager-worker relationship. Millennials are criticized for being ‘lazy’ but improvements to the workplace should be a team effort.


Holistic training material can be a tool for restoring dignity at work.


Start with an onboarding manual to conscientiously welcome a new employee into the company by outlining your values and a monthly timeline, etc. Then include position based field guides that cover job descriptions and health and safety information, etc. You may also want to implement a review program that mirrors your training orientation.


This awareness will allow workers to participate more fully at their job; greeting co-workers (not just those within their silo of direct contacts) or adding to your followers count and getting you more likes. Give them dignity and resources and your Millennial might surprise you with their modernly varied skill set.


Of course Seth Godin says it infinitely more graceful than me.


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